About Us

Cardinal Institute for Health Careers, CIHC, was established in March 2007 as Cardinal Creek Consulting, L.L.C. (CCC) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The primary focus was on the development of health care educational curriculums and programs, as well as statistical consulting to the medical and legal professions. In addition, CCC began offering on-going Personal Care Aide courses in late 2012 and continues to the present. As of 2015, the company began functioning with its updated name: Cardinal Institute for Health Careers when it relocated to its newly constructed facility in the same building as Strayer University, near Route 17 at I-95.

The quality of the educational offerings is of paramount importance to the Administration and Instructors, who are experienced, qualified health care educators with a variety of management and clinical nursing education and experience. They include Home Health, Community Medicine and Ambulatory Care, Pre- and Hospital Emergency Care, Critical Care, Peri-Operative Services, as well as Quality/Performance Improvement and Corporate Compliance. The curriculum for each of the programs is founded on Federal and the Commonwealth of Virginia regulations, as well as that of nationally recognized educational institutions.

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