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 NOTICE: DELIVERY PERSONNEL, If Suite 215 locked, Deliver ALL packages to Suite 211


A testament to their capability, hard work, and dedication to the field:
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Hours of operation:

Sunday and Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday through Friday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 9:00AM to 6:00 PM

NOTICE: DELIVERY PERSONNEL, If Suite 215 locked, deliver ALL packages to Suite 211

Scheduled Nurse Aide Exams held on Saturday and Sundays

in Suite 211 beginning at 9am 

Cardinal Testing Center delivers hundreds of examinations from various sponsors in industries to include:

• Healthcare (Tech in Surgery, Medical Office Assistant, Insurance & Billing and more)
• Academia/Admissions (VCLA, Cambridge Admissions Assessment Testing)
• Finance
• Government (GIAC)
• Information Technology (Microsoft, Comp Tia, Cisco)
• Military
• US Licensing/Global Regulations



 Firefighter/Law Enforcement/Adult Corrections & EComm

To register or schedule a certification visit the following testing company's:


Pearson VUE:

Castle Worldwide:



NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing):

NTN (National Testing Network):




Cambridge Admissions Assessment Testing: 


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The Cardinal Testing Center Mission 

The Testing Center at Cardinal Institute for Health Careers’ mission is to provide a secure, professional testing environment to candidates, enabling them to perform at their maximum proficiency. Cardinal Testing Center maintains the integrity of all certified examinations by meticulously following security procedures and protocols. Cardinal Testing Center adheres to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.

U.S. National Library of Medicine 

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Cardinal Institute for 
Health Careers

150 Riverside Parkway Suite 211,

Fredericksburg, VA 22406 
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