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Cardinal Institute for Health Careers' Nurse Aide (NSA) education program is designed to teach basic knowledge and skilled techniques for individuals entering the Health Care community, whether in Home Care or Facility environment. Our training program's emphasis is on meeting the needs of the patient on all facets; physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.


Strong communication skills, interpersonal relations, observation and proper documentation, safety and infection prevention, nutrition and home management, anatomy and physiology, professional and ethical integrity, death and dying understanding are among the curriculum stressed in the program to best prepare the success of our students, as they embark on their Health Career journey.


There is special emphasis on dealing with our growing number of geriatric nursing, home health, and chronically ill in our community.  Our NSA education program is 120 clock hours with 50 clock hours’ instruction and 30 skilled technique clock hours prior to direct contact between a student and a nursing facility client.  The Clinical rotation is 40 clock hours providing direct client care at a nursing home facility.

For more information click here for the Student Pre-Application or call 540-479-6600. 

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