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As we continue to rebuild our website and re-add older blogs, we decided to re-share this blog from 2018. It is about choosing a word for the New Year instead of setting resolutions, which as the blog shares are rarely kept. I personally have been participating in this activity since 2012. P.S. I did change the year since we are heading into 2019 :-)

We are nearing the end of the holiday season and our thoughts have turned to a new year. Countless people will be making resolutions for the New Year. Yet, it has been extensively cited, “over 80% of all resolutions fail by the first week of February and only 8% of people keep their resolutions through the year.” With such a catastrophic percentage of failure, one wonders why people endure the bleakness of resolution-making.

These dismal stats are why, our challenge for 2019 is to ditch resolutions and choose ‘one word’ to be your focus for 2019. When you focus on one word for a whole year, it is an encouraging experience with inspiring results. Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen, co-authors of “My One Word” share, “Change is possible, but focus is required.” Ashcraft and Olsen have hit the proverbial ‘nail on the head’, when a person generates a massive list of resolutions each year; it becomes impossible to focus.

On the other hand, when a single word is chosen…focus is conceivable. There are numerous websites discussing the process of choosing a word. When you research them, a common theme starts to appear…it is not about ‘doing’ which is where resolutions generate it is about ‘being’.

A simple formula is shared over and over again for choosing a word:

1. Who do you want to be? Leave ‘doing’ behind…

2. Generate a list of the characteristics that reside within the person you want to be.

3. Narrow the list down to the one specific word which resonates with you.

4. You know have a word to be your focus in 2019.

Ashcroft and Olsen heed the warning, “Don’t be surprised if living out your “one word” feels unnatural and awkward at first.” Remember, the idea is to pick a characteristic we need, not already have. Therefore, as this characteristic is cultivated, it is natural for it to feel peculiar.

Ready to take the plunge, ditch the resolutions and choose a single word to focus on in 2019. A healthy, happier you in 2019 is possible, in Ashcroft and Olsen’s words: “Change is possible, focus is required.”

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