Seniors Living Alone

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A recent Pew Research Center survey shares, “12.1 million older U.S. adults are living alone…the underlying factor is older adults value their independence and want to live in their own home, even if they are no longer able to care for themselves.”

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In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center of nearly 1700 seniors over 65, in a one-month period of time in the Fall of 2014, stated if they could no longer take care of themselves they would:

· Have someone come to home and care for them: 61%

o Both older men and women were equal in making this statement

· Move into an assisted living facility: 17%

· Move in with a family member: 8%

· Move into a nursing home: 4%

Having an elderly adult living at home alone has its risks. Yet, as a relative (son, daughter, etc.) how shall we respect the wishes of our Senior relative while making sure they are safe.

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Communication and implementing safety updates is one way to handle the older adult living at home alone. Do routine check-ups to see if the elderly adult is able to complete “activities of daily living” which include:

· Dressing oneself

· Bathing/showering

· Grooming

· Able to use the bathroom

· Eating properly

· Walking

· Getting in and out of bed

· Remembering to take medications properly

· Cleanliness of the home

It is important to realize, if an older adult is having difficulties, it doesn’t automatically mean they can’t live alone. A few modifications within the home, may be all that is needed for them to continue living alone.

Things such as a:

· Shower chair

· Maid Service

· Personal Care Assistant

· Food Delivery Service

o Meals on Wheels: Provides a lunch to home or at community centers

o Mom’s Meals: Delivers fresh meals which can be microwaved

· And More

The CDC has a Complete Care Form which can be a useful tool whether your senior adult is living at home or not. It can be accessed here:

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